Who I was in high school

On Saturday, I’ll be at my 30-year high school reunion in San Diego.

Today, I found myself mentally rehearsing what I would say to people at the reunion if they had trouble recalling who I was or their connections to me. I decided to just blog it instead.

  • I was in band all four years; I played tuba.
  • I tried acting in my senior year and had a supporting role in “Li’l Abner.”
  • I probably served you a Titan Burger or “taco burrito” at least once.
  • If you were in a communication-related class with me (Spanish, humanities, literature, composition, speech, drama), you should remember me because I talked all the freaking time in those classes.
    • I injected religious themes into my creative assignments ad nauseam. Classmates had to read these assignments or (worse) hear me read them aloud.
    • In Mr. Barone’s humanities class (my sophomore year), where the first part of each period was dedicated to open discussion, I rambled a few times about my mother’s death, which had happened in the summer just before that class began.

If you were there for either of those uncomfortable experiences, sorry!

And if you were in any other kind of class with me, there’s a good chance you don’t remember me, which is  totally fine.


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