Join the ranks of Keillor, Quaid, Jagger and — Janszen?

Image from the film "The Guardian"

This isn't Jeff, but he has actually done this job. Say "Thank you," America.

My co-worker Jeff Janszen is literally the only other recycled dad I know personally, so naturally I asked him for his family stats so I could add him to the Recycled Dad Index. He agreed because he is a cool guy and not afraid of anything (see photo caption above).

Now the index has four celebrities and two regular guys. I’ll be adding more famous people shortly. But you, too, ordinary dad, can get on the index. You just have to be a father of at least two children — although getting a high score is another matter.

Your recycledness score represents the biggest age gap (in years) between two consecutive children in your family. If you are a typical recycled dad, this is the gap between the youngest child of your first marriage and the first child of your second marriage. In theory, the wider that gap, the more opportunity there has been for you to get ‘rusty’ on how to raise a child from the beginning. (I admit that ‘recycledness’ is not really the best term for this attribute. ‘Rustiness’ is actually closer to the mark. Any other ideas?)

Your virility score is simply the age you were when your youngest child was born (you stud!).

Jeff is at the bottom of this short list in terms of recycledness, with a ‘generation gap’ between kids of 12.86 years. But at least he outranks me for virility: He was a respectable 44.87 years old when his twin son and daughter were born.

Let’s have some fun with this, dads! If you want to get on the index, just leave a comment or e-mail me.


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