Recycled Dad Index (Prototype)

NOTE (6/8/2011): The embedded chart is continually being updated, so it no longer matches the information in this post.

UPDATE (5/20/2011): Still can’t put script in, but if you click here or click the chart, it will open the interactive version of the chart in Google Spreadsheets.

Still experimenting with different visualization tools, but here is a glimpse of what I’m trying to do:

Recycled Dad Index - bar chart

Click the image to go to the interactive version of this chart

For each celebrity dad on the list (and me), I’ve plugged in the dad’s date of birth and the date of birth of each of his children. I use the data to calculate and display each dad’s recycledness score (the widest gap, in years, between two of his children) and, just for fun, his virility score (the gap, in years, between his age and his youngest child’s age). The recycledness bar is green, of course; the virility bar is the color of a pharmaceutical that may have a connection to some of these statistics.

If I could use javascript here, you’d be able to fly over the bars to see the actual values. FYI, Keillor’s recycledness score is 28.60, and Morrison’s virility score is 64.37.

My vision is to enable regular guys to enter similar data on themselves into a calculator in order to  see how they would rank on this index. (For these two scores, most of us can do the math in our heads — and probably have — but eventually I’d like to introduce more data and other kinds of scores.)

This prototype is in Google Spreadsheets, but I’m also getting familiar with Zoho Creator. Somehow I need to enable new entries via a web form. Ideas welcome and appreciated.


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