Good guess!

Background item 1: Ever since Charlie and Thomas were in elementary school, I’ve referred to the indirect (often scenic) driving route as “the fun way.” I’ve continued this habit with Jacob.

Background item 2: Jacob recognizes many words on sight, including the names of familiar streets on signs. As we drive around, he will call them out (“Hey, that says ‘Dublin Boulevard!'”).

Two nights ago, on the way home from preschool, Jacob requested “the fun way,” referring to a specific route that we often take. I said it was too late — we were already in the turn lane to go the normal way, but we could go a *different* fun way by going straight at the next intersection. As we approached that intersection, he spotted a small green sign in the median that read “Finnian Wy.” He said, “Hey, that says “fun way!!”


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  1. Love that kid! Thanks for the post! Love you, too.

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