What a preschooler considers a thrill ride

I spent Sunday afternoon with my 3.5-year-old, Jacob, at a theme park where we have season passes. When it’s just me and him, I can’t do roller coasters — we just do the kid stuff together. On top of that, he’s still afraid of the most exciting kid rides, so Sunday was a potentially dull day for me. But as it turned out, I really enjoyed going Jacob’s speed. It was fun just watching him have fun.

Jacob will eventually warm up to things like the Road Runner Express,

and then Cobra, 

and someday Medusa  .

I know from my experiences with my older boys that each stage is fun in its own way. Watching a child overcome his fear and try something new is actually one of the most exciting things about parenting.

Right now, I’m just enjoying that fleeting season of life when all it takes to ‘thrill’ Jacob is to put him in a miniature safari jeep that does a lap around a tortoise enclosure at 1 mph.


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