Book preview has insights for older and divorced dads

Guys who are recycled dads invariably fit into other, broader categories as well — for example, remarried dads or older dads. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel, so when I discover good sites or articles about those broader categories, I will link to them.

Here is one such plug:

Do a Web search on “older fathers”* and you will get thousands of results, most of them describing the horrible (physical and mental) health risks you subject your children to by becoming a dad ‘late in life.’

Buried among those distressing results is a link to something a little more constructive: a Google Books preview of How Children Develop, a textbook by Robert S. Siegler, Judy S. DeLoache and Nancy Eisenberg (MacMillan, some edition prior to 2006). The link points to page 472, on which begins a short section on “Older Parents” that identifies some very general pros and cons.

That section is followed by a long sidebar about adolescent parents (this may or may not have bearing on your situation) and then a section on divorce (and its impact on children). The divorce part is not previewed in its entirety (page 479 is omitted from the free preview), but what’s there is good high-level discussion.

Rational, substantive and free. Can’t beat that.


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