Coming soon, or later, or never: the AMAZING FREE GUIDE

The top blogging gurus recommend kick-starting a blog by releasing a killer e-book, preferably a how-to guide. They explain that if a “free guide” is well written and useful, it can help establish a blogger’s expertise and bring lots of traffic to his or her blog.

In this case, the killer e-book would be an authoritative guide to recycled fatherhood. In addition to extolling what is great about this experience, it would identify all the common hazards and prescribe safeguards and solutions for all of them.

That won’t work here — not at this stage, anyway — because I have no special expertise about the problems or the solutions.  I only have theories based on common sense and my own experiences. So if you’re a recycled dad, you are as qualified to write that “free guide” as I am.

In any case, I would not presume to impart ‘advice’ to anyone who reads this blog. My intent is to give recycled fathers a place to share their wisdom with the rest of us.

In lieu of a book of answers, I’d like to share an AMAZING FREE QUESTION: What’s the main challenge you have faced as a result of being a recycled father, and how have you dealt with it?


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